P2237 Trouble Code

OBD/2 P2237 error code description and symptoms.

The input turbine speed sensor detects rotation of the input shaft of the input shaft speed sensor transmission. The computer uses that information, along with the output shaft speed sensor to determine if the transmission is operating according to plan. If the computer detects a difference between the input shaft speed , and the expected output shaft speed, it will adjust transmission pump pressure to prevent clutch disc slip. If adding pressure doesn't solve the problem, it will set a trouble code.

As the engine heats up and combustion becomes easier and more complete, the PCM will command the idling control valve to increase the amount of air entering the engine to suit the changing conditions. However, when the load on the engine changes, say, when some electrical consumers or other systems are either turned on or off, the PCM adapts the signal voltage to the idle control valve to ensure that the idling speed remains stable, and at the RPM specified by the manufacturer.

Difficulty Level (Soso)
Repair Time (30 Min.)
Cost Prediction : $ 80-120

P2237 Error Code Repair Process :

If your p2237 o2 sensor positive current control circuit/open bank 1 sensor 1 check engine light is illuminated, it's best to take it in for diagnostic testing, which can feel like a hassle. Because while the lights vary in appearance from vehicle to vehicle, all have the same basic meaning: There's a problem with the car's emissions system. The on-board diagnostics system P2237 and engine control unit are in charge of monitoring a bunch of different p2237 o2 sensor positive current control circuit/open bank 1 sensor 1 , and if they get a reading that's a little out of whack, up pops the check engine light.

Wrench Tool P2237 is a kind of Powertrain Trouble Code

Powertrain of a modern automobile, comprising engine (with exhaust system), transmission, drive shaft, suspension and the wheels. In a motor vehicle, the term powertrain or powerplant describes the main components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface, water, or air.

Common Causes of P2237

A common cause of code P2237 is the failure of P2237 O2 Sensor Positive Current Control Circuit/Open Bank 1 Sensor 1 , but there are several other possible causes as well, such as ;

P2237 code for all cars

You can view according P2237 DTC for your car model. We selected several models to see obd2 solutions click and view it.

+P2237 Darracq Type+N +P2237 TVR 390 +P2237 Daewoo Leganza +P2237 Fiat Cabriolet +P2237 Ascari FG-T
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